How it works?

My Live Chat allows your web site visitors ("Visitors") to connect to your company representatives ("Agents") and have their questions answered instantly by clicking on a chat button embedded on your web site.

1. What the visitors of your website see:

The following type of graphics will appear on your web pages (you can place your own custom images too) at your desired location:

When agents are online (logged in).
(Monitoring traffic of your website)
When agents are offline.
(Whether agents are not monitoring traffic or set status to offline)
online offline

Your web site visitor clicks on live chat graphic on your web site when you are on-line or you send a chat invitation. Your web site visitor will chat with you using following type of window.

(No download or any plug in is required for your web site visitors. Window is customizable to match with your website)

live chat prechat window

live chat client window

Your web site visitor clicks on live chat graphic on your web site when your agents are off-line. Your web site visitor can leave a message for you using following type of window (Window is customizable to match with your website):

live chat offline window

2. What your Administrators/agents See:

Login Window:

live chat login window

To monitor traffic of your web site and chat with web site visitors in real time you need to login as site agent. In control panel click on "Customers", you will see visitor monitoring window shown below.

live chat monitor

3. Agent Chatting with a Visitor

Multiple Simultaneous Chat Sessions One agent can handle any number of chat sessions at the same time. Each session runs in a separate room tab in the Agent Console.

Typing Indicator Both the visitor and agent know when the other party is typing a message.

Chat Sessions

chat alert

chat invitation

chat invitation

chat invitation